hGC Diets

The hCG hormone is supposed to suppress a person’s hunger and trigger your body existing fat for fuel. This diet restricts calories to only 500 per day, consisting of mostly organic, unprocessed foods. The hGC is given through injections of serum drops under the tongue. This plan is to be followed for 45 days and you will lose up to several pounds a day according to advertisements.

Types of hGC Diets

The hCG horomone is supposed to surpress hunger and trigger your metabolism in order to burn fat. It is a very unhealthy diet because it causes the body to starve, putting your health at risk. People have come up with their own variations of the diet, because 500 calories is nearly impossible to stick to while being a fully functioning person. Some people will eat more than 500 calories, but still take the hCG horomone in hopes that it will help to kick start their weight-loss goals. There is very little scientific evidence proving this diet, with many nutritionists and medical professionals steering people away from its weight-loss claims. There is currently no FDA approved hCG weight-loss products, and several companies that market such products have been taken to court.

Health Factors of hGC Diets

There are no health benefits to the hGC diet, rather health risks. A person’s nutritional requirements cannot be met on a diet that is less than 500 calories. A diet that is 500 calories will lead to insufficient intake of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibers. It will also result in insufficient intake of vitamins and mineral creating deficiencies within the body. Minimum calorie requirements are closer to 1200- 2000 calories, which provide fuel for activities and the nutrients one requires for good health. hCG also has no scientific or medical guarantee that it will help to promote weight-loss, which can make the hormone a complete waste of time and money. When the body has such a low amount of calories to work, it creates starvation levels. This leads the body to not only burn fat, but muscle as well. Muscle helps to keep a person’s metabolism working well, so it will actually set the dieter back to lose it. Losing muscle will make it difficult to regain strength and have the energy required to live a full life. Once you increase your caloric intake the weight will return and will come back as fat instead of muscle.

Costs Associated with hGC Diets

Any costs associated with the hGC diet are a waste because it has not been proven to do anything to promote of facilitate weight-loss. Companies that market the hGC hormone for weight-loss will charge whatever they can get away with, because they already know that the product is a scam. It is much more important to get a diet that is reasonable and can be worked into one’s normal life. A diet that cannot be stuck to is a waste of money.