Nutrition and Weight Loss


Proper nutrition is extremely important because it acts as the fuel for everything you do during the day, whether it is physical or mental. There are many different types of diets people can choose from to get healthier, lose weight or cut out certain allergens. We will take you through many of today’s popular diets including the costs associated, the health risks and the health benefits. The cholesterol diet is high in fruits and vegetables in order to lower a person’s cholesterol. The diabetic diet focuses on limiting foods that are high in sugar, eating smaller portions and being aware of what carbohydrates are eaten. Vegan diets eliminate the intake of all animal products. Raw food diets focus on eating plant foods in their natural state- uncooked and unprocessed. Grapefruit diets are usually done on a short-term basis in order to shed weight through a “special” ingredient found in grapefruits. The LA Diet allows the dieter to eat only specific foods in small portions. The hGC diet restricts calories to only 500 per day, which is supposed to trigger your body’s existing fat for fuel. Low carb diets minimize the intake of starch and other carbohydrate-rich foods. Gluten-free diets are often used by those who have celiac disease; it cuts out the protein gluten which is found in many foods today. It is important that you choose a diet that is safe and healthy for your body. If it is an extreme diet you are planning on trying talk it over with your doctor to make sure it is the right choice for you.