treadmillsTreadmills are pieces of exercise equipment that are designed for walking and running at a set pace and incline while staying in one place. Fitness treadmills were developed in the 1960s and are very popular pieces of equipment in home gyms today. They have changed significantly over the years, with new features being added as technology has improved.

Types of Treadmills

The two main types of treadmills are electric or manual. The electric treadmill is made from a conveyor belt which is driven by an electric motor, providing a moving platform to be walked or run on. Manual treadmills are simpler machines that passively resist the walking motion and only move when they are walked on.

Some features of treadmills include various speeds to allow individuals walk or run at their own pace, incline and interval training to increase intensity of the workouts, fitness training workouts, heart rate monitors, console fans, USB ports, secondary data displays, water bottle holders and book/magazine holders. These are the key features that set treadmills apart from one another.

When choosing a treadmill, it is important to recognize what features are important. Consider the size of the space the treadmill is going into as typically electric treadmills are larger than manual ones. If space is an issue, then perhaps a treadmill that can fold up and be put away is a feature to consider. Personal preferences such as the width of the belt, the handles, the safety features and the console layout all must also be taken into account when choosing a treadmill.

Brands of Treadmills

There are many different brands of treadmills. Brands often vary in price, features available as well as availability in stores and online. Cybex is a known name for treadmills and offers 4 different treadmills. These treadmills have features that vary depending on the purpose – whether it is for commercial use, for use by older people, for use by casual to moderate exercisers and of course for use by those who are serious athletes. The treadmills Cybex offers do cater to a very wide population.

Gold’s Gym Equipment also produces a line of treadmills, which consists of 3 different treadmills. The CrossWalk treadmill incorporates some arm movement into the workout by including handles that the user moves while walking/running. The 2 Trainer treadmills have workout programs designed for weight-loss.

Matrix is also a company that produces treadmills. Matrix offers a wide range of treadmills with varying features. The basic treadmill has limited features whereas the superior treadmill has all features offered. There are a few key features that all Matrix treadmills offer and they include: the Ultimate Deck System for maximum impact absorption and the Dynamic Response Drive System that monitors strides.

Price of Treadmills

The price of treadmills depends on a few factors including the quality of the equipment, whether the treadmill is electric or manual and the features that the treadmill is designed to include. Manual treadmills are the least expensive treadmills, especially the ones that have few features. These treadmills can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars for a basic model up to a few thousand for a superior machine. There are some features that are fairly inexpensive such as bottle holders, book/magazine holders, USB ports and so on. More expensive features include internal fitness training programs, secondary data displays, touch screen displays, iPod compatibility for for workout tracking as well as extra warranty coverage.

Prices also can vary depending on quality of the equipment. There are some brands that are more well-known for their treadmill machines such as Matrix, Cybex, Gold’s Gym and so on and others that are less well known. Typically the more well-known brands have a better reputation for quality equipment and therefore their prices are higher.