Rowing Machines

rowingmachinesA rowing machine is used to simulate watercraft rowing, allowing the user to train indoors. An indoor rower can calculate the amount of energy the rower is using through the equipment and is called an ergometer. A rowing machine is an effective piece of equipment to build and tone muscles and increase cardiovascular fitness.

Types of Rowing Machines

There are a few different types of rowing machines available and their differences lie in the resistance. Different workouts can be attained with different forms of resistance. One type is a hydraulic rowing machine which uses pistons to provide resistance. There are also water rowing machines which may be considered the best machines as it’s a much more natural feel as the machine uses water to form the resistance. Flywheel, also known as air rowing machines uses air to form resistance. These machines are quite noisy which may be a major downside for some people. The other type of rowing machine has magnetic resistance. Such machines are quiet and use magnets for resistance levels.

Types of rowing machines also include those that fold away. Some rowing machines are large however if small space is a hindrance, some rowing machines can be folded and placed out of the way.

Rowing machines place little to no strain on the user’s back and joints, they are an excellent exercise for older people looking to build muscle and increase cardiovascular fitness. Some rowers also have larger buttons and brighter displays, which may benefit older fitness enthusiasts.

Brands of Rowing Machines

As there are so many kinds of rowing machines available, it is important to consider the brand as well. Lifecore offers two different kinds of rowing machines – the R100 or R88. The R100 is a larger, heavier and provides more features than the R88. It also offers a much better warranty. The R88 is a good machine for those just starting to workout or for those with other pieces of cardiovascular equipment in their gym and only use a rowing machine on a less frequent basis.

Lifespan also makes a rowing machinethe RW1000. This indoor rower is a flywheel rower and includes features such as quick fold for storage, larger, easy-to-use console, and has 4 levels of resistance.

Matrix is also a manufacturer of rowing machines. It has one model of rower that it produces. This indoor rower boasts quiet operation, battery-powered display and features to make the rowing movement smooth and natural feeling.

These brands are just a few of the manufacturers of rowing machines. As each brand and machine varies in the features offered, it is important to consider what the user is looking for in a rowing machine. From there it should be easier to decrease the number of brands to select from.

Price of Rowing Machines

As with many other pieces of fitness equipment, the price of rowing machines depends a lot on the quality of the brand as well as the features the equipment offers. In general, rowing machines can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Hydraulic rowing machines are typically the least expensive type of rowing machines. Other more inexpensive rowing machines include smaller, lighter, fold-away machines. More expensive rowing machines generally are larger machines that can handle more weight and have upgraded features. There are some rowing machines that are handcrafted with hardwood and these machines can cost quite a bit more. Some upgraded features may include: upgraded displays, more resistance levels, extended warranties as well as increased numbers of fitness programs.

Another factor of price for rowing machines is whether the machine is bought online or in store. In-store shopping usually allows for some room for negotiation and store-wide sales. On the other hand, sometimes online purchases can offer different promotions and coupons. Although use caution when buying such a large item online – it may be very expensive to ship a rowing machine.