Exercise Mats

excercizematsExercise mats are accessories to fitness workouts that are typically needed for a total body work-out. Exercise mats can be used for various purposes in a home gym and are usually fairly inexpensive pieces of equipment. Depending on the users’ needs, there are many different types of exercise mats to choose from.

Types of Exercise Mats

One common type of exercise mat for a home gym is the exercise equipment mat. These mats cover the floor to protect it from the piece of exercise equipment that is placed on it. These mats can be made from many different materials, including rubber and PVC, which provide durability against wear and tear.

Yoga and Pilates mats are typically mats used for yoga and Pilates sessions as they provide a non-slip surface to perform poses on. Most of these mats are between 3 and 6mm thick for added comfort while performing poses. Yoga and Pilates mats may come with a carrying strap or a bag to carry the mat can be purchased separately.

Padded exercise mats are usually used for floor work-outs. These mats are cushioned for comfort when performing exercises but are also fairly durable. Many mats are lightweight and will roll up easily, to fit in a bag or they may come with a carrying strap. There are also those padded exercise mats that are not intended to be rolled up and usually just stay on the floor of a home gym. These mats are often well-padded and are perfect for sit-ups, push-ups and abdominal exercises.

Brands of Exercise Mats

There are many brands of exercise mats, depending on the purpose of the mat. Gaiam is a very well- known name for yoga mats. Gaiam makes a wide range of yoga mats, varying in colors, prints, thickness, reversibility and quality. Most yoga mats have a standard size so that is not usually a factor when choosing a yoga mat.

For exercise equipment mats, many manufacturers of fitness equipment also manufacture their own line of mats. For example, Lifespan has an exercise equipment mat for their treadmills. So there are brand name exercise equipment mats as well as brands that are less well-known.

Valeo is a fitness company that produces padded exercise mats along with many other pieces of fitness equipment such as resistance bands, medicine balls and body balls. Their foam exercise mat has two different surfaces – ribbed on one side and smooth on the other and is known for its comfort and durability. This is a mat that is easily transportable as it rolls up easy and also comes with a carrying strap.

Price of Exercise Mats

Exercise mats tend to range in price however this is a fairly inexpensive addition to a home gym compared to the many other different pieces of fitness equipment. The price tends to depend on the purpose and quality of the exercise mat. Some yoga and Pilates mats, especially those made by a well-known brand name such as Gaiam, can be more expensive than a no-name brand. Typically, buying exercise equipment mats from the manufacturers of fitness equipment can be more expensive than those from other manufacturers. Good quality padded exercise mats are much more durable, comfortable and will last longer; however, they usually are higher-priced than other mats of less quality.