Exercise Benches

excersizebenchesExercise benches are an important piece of fitness equipment if the home gym includes free weights. A weight (exercise) bench is an easy addition to any home gym, they are easily moveable and is important when performing many free weight exercises. Exercise benches vary in their styles and some exercise benches will be more versatile, allowing users to do a greater variety of exercises.

Types of Exercise Benches

Even though exercise benches are for one purpose, there are different styles and varieties to consider. Some exercise benches are very basic in that they are just a long horizontal bench with a padded seat. Users will sit on top of the bench to perform free weight exercises for the arms. Added onto these basic benches can also be a headrest area for comfort and a leg extension feature that allows a greater variety of exercises to be performed.

An upgraded exercise bench may be a multi-position bench in which the bench can lay flat, at an incline or even at a decline. These benches allow for even more exercises to be performed and do not take up any additional space than the basic bench. Other features with these upgraded benches may include rolled preacher pads, better-cushioned seating and possibly exercise charts to help users with the free weights. The more features an exercise bench has, the more exercises can be accommodated. For example, a weight bench with a headrest allows for chest presses, and if the bench has a leg extension exercises like leg crunches can be performed.

Brands of Exercise Benches

Some brands of exercise benches include Weider, Universal and Gold’s Gym. While each bench from the different manufacturers have some different features, they all are fairly standard and serve the same purpose.

Weider makes a few different types of exercise benches. One of their top selling models is the Sidekick which offers a sidekick weight stand, multi-position backrest, adjustable seat, exercise chart as well as adjustable 50lb hand weights. A more basic model features 90 degree seat adjustment, leg extension and exercise chart.

Universal also manufactures weight benches. Their benches serve a few different purposes. One is an adjustable, universal bench that allows it to lay flat, recline and decline and offers foam rollers to support the feet. Another model includes a flat bench that is accompanied by 2 and 4 lb dumbbells that rest in an area just under the seat. Another model is an incline bench that allows for sit-ups, crunches and other abdominal exercises and includes foam rollers to help support users’ feet.

Gold’s Gym Equipment also produces weight benches. One of their popular benches offers a bench that inclines, declines or lays flat, sewn vinyl seats, an exercise chart as well as a four-roll leg lockdown for support.

Price of Exercise Benches

Exercise benches in general are fairly inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment to add to a home gym however its use can be quite beneficial. A basic, horizontal flat bench without any other features should typically run well under $100. Once features such as adjustable seats, multi-position benches, four-roll leg lockdowns, weight stands and so on are added on the price climbs to just under $500. It is important to take into consideration the frequency of use as well as the exercises to be performed by the user before making a selection. It may turn out that the simplest model will meet the requirements and that extra money saved can go towards purchasing other pieces of fitness equipment.