Complete Home Gyms

completehomegymsComplete home gyms can be a worthwhile investment for most people – as long as they are used. A complete home gym can give the user a similar workout to that of a fitness club in the comfort of the users home. They save time and may even save money if the alternative is a high-priced fitness club membership.

Types of Complete Home Gyms

There are two main choices of complete home gyms – gyms that use resistance bands or those with weight plates. Obviously, the needs of the user need to be considered. Those who exercise very frequently and are serious about bodybuilding will benefit from gyms with weight plates. These complete gyms offer more resistance and the workout will parallel those at a fitness club. Typically these complete home gyms come with weight stacks that are attached to different workout stations. Some workout stations include: a leg station, a chest station as well as an abdominal station. The weights use a cable-and-pulley system, which allows for upper and lower pulley exercises, like triceps pull-downs and bicep curls respectively.

The alternative complete home gym uses a different kind of resistance than weights. Some use rods that provide resistance or they may use resistance bands. While these complete home gyms do take up less space than weight plated home gyms, they can be less effective and users may find the movements are less smooth. Users who are not serious exercisers should consider a complete home gym that uses resistance bands or rods.

Brands of Complete Home Gyms

Bowflex is a well-recognized brand of complete home gyms which uses rods and bands for resistance. Bowflex offers three different complete home gyms, varying in price depending on the features offered. Their top of the line home gym offers over 100 different exercises with 400 variations. This model gives a total body workout, including a cardiovascular workout as there is a rowing machine is attached. The middle model also gives a total body workout without the cardiovascular addition. The basic model offers 30 different exercises and has a built-in rowing machine for a cardiovascular workout.

Cybex also is a recognized brand of complete home gyms. Their current model uses three weight stacks to provide ultimate resistance to users during their total body workout. This complete gym is very large and bulky so quite a lot of space is needed.

Weider offers a few different options for home gyms. Only one model offers a complete fitness workout while the other models offer upper-body workouts. The complete home gym model uses a weight stack to strengthen the total body. The other models that focus on the upper-body use some resistance but mostly use gravity to give the user a workout.

Prices of Complete Home Gyms

A complete home gym can be very expensive but the cost depends mostly on whether the gym includes weight plates or resistance bands. Complete home gyms, especially those from a known brand name such as Cybex and that use weight stacks, can cost thousands of dollars. Brands like Bowflex home gyms on the other hand which use rods or resistance bands generally cost much less. A good quality such home gym typically can be bought for less than $1000. When purchasing a home gym consider the frequency and seriousness of the workouts. Unless the purchaser is a serious athlete, a resistance band complete home gym or even just a set of free weights and weight bench may be more appropriate – and a lot less expensive.