Cardiovascular Workout Routines

cardiovascularworkoutroutinesCardiovascular exercise is so important to maintain a healthy body. There are plenty of choices of cardiovascular exercise to choose from, depending on the individual’s needs. It can help with weight-loss, the building of muscle and can improve overall health. It is important to choose a type of cardio exercise that is enjoyed in order to stick with it.

Types of Cardiovascular Workout Routines

By choosing a type of cardiovascular workout routine that is enjoyable, or at least tolerable, the chances of sticking with it and seeing improvement is increased. It is important to get your heart rate into the target heart rate but not to exceed the target heart rate.

Running is one type of cardio exercise and can be done anytime, anywhere and with little more equipment other than running shoes. Walking is also a similar exercise except it is harder to get the heart rate up as it is fairly low impact.

Skiing is another cardio exercise but is done during the winter. Another season specific cardio exercise is swimming. This can be performed all year-round but it is more popular in the summer months. Cycling is another type of seasonal cardio workout, however it can also be done on a stationary bicycle in the winter months – either at home or at a fitness club.

There are also many cardio workouts that can be performed in a fitness club or home gym. The elliptical trainer is one of the most popular cardio machines at the gym. A rowing machine is another great cardio workout at a gym.

Equipment Required for Cardiovascular Workout Routines

The equipment needed to perform a cardiovascular workout routine primarily depends on the individual exercise, although there are some common pieces of equipment. For instance, heart rate monitors, water bottles and exercise towels are all standard pieces of cardio equipment. Of course, proper footwear and other fitness apparel are necessities for any type of workout.

Some cardio workouts require specialized equipment, which can vary significantly in price. For instance, skiing requires skis, poles, boots, outdoor gear and goggles. Swimming requires a pool, either at home or at a fitness club, bathing suit and so on. Even cycling requires specialized equipment such as a bicycle (whether it is an outdoor bike or a stationary one). Cardio workouts performed indoors may require fitness machines such as ellipticals, stationary bikes, treadmills, rowers, stepmills and so on. Many people who perform cardio workouts at a fitness club choose to do some reading or listen to music while they pass the time so having reading stands and earphone plug-ins may be beneficial.

Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Workout Routines

Each cardiovascular workout routine provides a somewhat different workout. For instance stepmills, bikes and treadmills focus on the lower body while rowing machines and ellipticals provide more of a workout for the entire body. However, for the most part all cardiovascular exercise routines provide similar health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of cardiovascular exercise includes: improvement of heart health, increase in metabolism, improvement of recovery ability for those with injuries, management of health issues such as diabetes or heart disease, reduction of blood pressure, decrease in total cholesterol, increase in aerobic work capacity, increase in heart function and possibly a decrease in the symptoms of anxiety and depression.