Aerobic Workout Routines

aerobicworkoutroutinesAerobic exercise can be considered anything that increases the heart rate. Aerobic exercise is an integral part of any fitness program. There are many choices of aerobic exercise, including aerobic exercise routines. Aerobic exercise routines are a great way to increase the heart rate and can also been a fun way to workout.

Type of Aerobic Workout Routines

Aerobic exercise includes aerobics or cardiovascular exercise. This type of exercise routine includes any rhythmic activity that uses larger muscles and challenges the lungs and heart. Aerobic exercise routines are very popular and there are many types of routines. Aerobic routines are easy to follow for the most part and the exerciser is not locked into one specific routine – he or she can pick which routine works best for their individual needs.

Aerobic exercise routines can be performed at home or can be taken in the form of aerobic classes at fitness clubs. In a home gym, DVDs of aerobic routines can be purchased. They require little equipment and are typically quite easy to follow. In a fitness club, there is usually a wide selection of classes to choose from. There are the typical aerobic classes that include classes such as: intro to aerobics, step, total body conditioning, core training, and aqua fit. There are also some classes that put a fun spin on aerobics. Some of these classes may be Zumba, Latin dance, kickboxing, hip hop and cardio pump.

Equipment for Aerobic Workout Routines

There is very little equipment necessary for aerobic workout routines. If any equipment is required, it is fairly inexpensive. If one chooses to go to a fitness club for aerobic exercise routines, no equipment is required except for fitness apparel. Fitness centers should supply all equipment for the class, i.e. steps, mats, dumbbells and so on. In a home gym, the user may choose to purchase DVDs to follow. Depending on the kind of aerobic exercise DVD selected, it may require some equipment such as a mat, weights, step equipment and so on. Instead of DVDs, some people may choose to purchase books or charts that include different exercises. They can then follow the exercises in order or can mix and match the exercises depending on their needs.

For sections of abdominal and weight training, mats may be required as well as weights. Often different weights of dumbbells are required as different exercises require varying weights. Step equipment is usually required for the step aerobic routines. Other equipment possibly needed may be found around the house including chairs, resistance bands and using walls.

Health Benefits of Aerobic Workout Routines

The health benefits of aerobic exercise are great. As aerobic exercise gets the heart pumping, it builds a stronger heart, causing it to have to work less to distribute blood throughout the body. Aerobic exercise also decreases blood pressure, reducing the chance of a stroke or heart attack. It has also been proven that aerobic exercise can decrease the risk of certain cancers as helps to prevent diabetes. Other health benefits include helping to prevent health problems (cardiovascular disease, arthritis, high cholesterol), helping to keep arteries clear, strengthening the respiratory system and reducing body fat.