Your health needs to be cared for so that your body is in peak condition to fight off illness and to live a long and healthy life. There are many different areas that need to be tended to when it comes to your health including nutrition, exercise, proper rest and hydration. We will be focusing on the different types of workout routines and the benefits they can have on your body. Aerobic workout routines involve increasing one’s heart rate and challenging the lungs. They can be a workout on their own or integrated into another form of exercise. Cardiovascular workouts work on achieving a certain heart rate through an activity such as running or high energy activities such as Zumba. Weight training for the upper body is becoming increasingly popular because it allows you to feel strong and capable when it comes to everyday tasks. Weight training for the lower body is also important because it provides muscle development and stability needed for most activities a person does, including standing and walking. Weight training for the core muscles has many health benefits including greater strength and a narrower mid-section. Yoga is a highly beneficial workout because it increases your flexibility and sense of balance. There are different subtypes in the workouts listed above so you will have no problem finding a workout that allows you to meet your fitness goals. Make sure when you start your new workout that you don’t overdo it and always stretch before hand to loosen up your muscles.