Yoga Pants and Apparel

yogapantsandapparelYoga apparel is usually stretchy pieces of active wear that are form fitting, designed to help the wearer move comfortably and not get in the way. There are many styles and colors of yoga apparel, especially for yoga pants. Yoga pants are comfortable pants especially made for stretching and moving around.

Types of Yoga Pants and Apparel

Yoga apparel includes a wide range of clothing. Many yoga clothing manufacturer offer clothing lines that include: t-shirts, long pants, crop pants, shorts, tank tops, bras, jackets, totes as well as some sweaters. Out of all the yoga apparel, yoga pants are the most popular.

There are many styles of yoga pants. Some popular styles include straight-leg, Capri, wide-leg and boot-cut. These pants can also have high or low-rise waistbands. Material for yoga pants and apparel are important. Most popular pants use cotton, Lycra, hemp, soy and bamboo materials as well as various blends. There are also eco-friendly attire that use organic cotton mixed with a small amount of Lycra in order to have some stretch and retain shape. Bamboo is becoming more popular as it feels silky, is lightweight, will absorb moisture and is both hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Popular styles of yoga pants include: slits from the knees to the bottom (which allows cooler air to enter), a diamond-shaped insert in the crotch area which helps to prevent pants that ride up during poses and waistbands that fold over to cover the behind. Fold over waistbands also gives the versatility to wear the pants high, low or in-between.

Brands of Yoga Pants and Apparel

Yoga apparel is not hard to find in stores, however there are a few quality manufacturers of yoga apparel. Lululemon is a known yoga apparel company. Lululemon offers yoga apparel for both men and women. Their yoga clothing line includes: jackets, hoodies, outwear, underwear, tanks, scarves, totes, pants, sports bras, socks, headbands and towels.

Gaiam offers a wide selection of yoga apparel. Some of their line includes: unitards (one piece yoga outfit), tanks, bra tops, leggings, wide-leg pants, sweatpants, crop pants, shorts, skirts, cargo pants, capris, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts as well as socks. Their yoga apparel is very extensive, which has made them a popular company in the yoga world.

Victoria’s Secret offers a line of yoga apparel. Their line mainly focuses on t-shirts and pants but they do have some different styles. Some of their yoga pants have fold-over waistbands and shorter leg styles. Victoria’s Secret also offers “The Most-Loved Yoga Pant” which is designed to be worn in the yoga studio and out. It also has an adjustable waist and is available in four different lengths.

Price of Yoga Pants and Apparel

Yoga pants can vary significantly in price from under $20 to more than $150 depending on material, style and brand. Some brands, such as Lululemon are known as being expensive brands. Lululemon yoga pants can easily run $100 or more. Gaiam is a more reasonably priced line of yoga apparel and does offer cheaper yoga pants in addition to more expensive pants. Victoria’s Secret yoga pants are fairly affordable and they often offer two-for-one sales on their yoga apparel. There are also other brands out there that have much cheaper yoga apparel but they may not be very good quality or last as long as the more expensive brands.