Yoga Mats

yogamatYoga mats are specially designed mats that help prevent hands and feet from slipping during yoga practice. They can also be considered sticky mats or non-slip mats.

Types of Yoga Mats

Yoga mats come in many different colors. They may also have a print design on the top of the mat. Another useful feature of a yoga mat may be alignment mats which have guides on the mat in order for the user to align them properly. Mats for adults do not vary much in their size but they can be purchased in a few different sizes. The standard size is about 72” long and 24” width.

Other differences in yoga mats may include thickness, durability, and weight. Some yoga participants prefer an extra wide at or an extra thick mat. Yoga mats tend to range from thicknesses of 2mm to 4-5mm. Some mats are 7mm which are used for professional daily practice. These thicker mats also provide extra cushioning for those who require it.

Yoga mats can also be found in child sizes. These mats are a bit smaller and may have child-like prints on them. There are also yoga mats for pets as some yogis are incorporating pets, such as dogs, into their yoga practice. There are also pet printed yoga mats and some places will print a picture of your favorite pet right on the mat.

Brands of Yoga Mats

There are many brands of yoga mats to select from, depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Manduka is a brand that offers quite a few different mats to choose from. Some of their mats include standard size, extra thick, travel size, extra wide and ultra-light. Manduka also offers a mat recycling kit that is only $5. It comes with everything needed to ship an old mat to a recycling plant instead of throwing it out.

Jade is a company well-known for its environmentally friendly yoga mats. They offer a line of mats that have different thicknesses, a few different sizes as well as some of their mats contain recycled rubber making them eco-friendly. Their line also includes professional mats and travel mats. Jade has a program that when a mat is bought, they plant a tree.

Gaiam offers a wide selection of yoga mats. They have printed ones such as the “tree of life” yoga mat. They also offer reversible mats, travel mats, ultra-light mats, extra thick mats for cushioned support and mats made of different kinds of rubber.

Price of Yoga Mats

The price of the yoga mat is influenced by the dimension, material, durability, quality as well as manufacturer. Some specialty yoga manufacturers offer much more expensive mats, which can start around $100. These high-quality mats are typically purchased by daily yoga practitioners and professionals. Most good, standard yoga mats start around $20, although there are cheaper ones. For different sizes, thicknesses, expect to pay more as they are considered specialty. Also, considered specialty mats are those that are ultra-light or are for travel. For the most part, yoga mats are fairly reasonable in cost.