Training Shoes

trainingshoesAny fitness trainer will say that one of the most important piece of equipment for any type of training – hiking, running, aerobics, basketball – is the right pair of shoes. For different workouts, there are different shoes. And choosing the right shoe for the type of workout is important. Shoes made for running is different than those made for tennis.

Types of Training Shoes

As there are different workouts, there are also many different types of shoes to go with those workouts. Some types of training shoes include: running, walking, tennis, basketball, cross training, weight training and so on.

Cross-training shoes are a very popular type of training shoe. Cross-trainers are a good overall shoe unless you are training for one specific workout more than once a week. Good cross-trainers have a firm heel, good support and are lightweight.

Walking shoes are designed specifically for walking. With walking, the foot is rolled from heel to toe, therefore, walking shoes should be flexible and lightweight. They should also have enough cushioning for walking on different kinds of ground.

Running shoes need to be able to absorb the impact of the force of running and therefore should have more cushioning than walking shoes. Running shoes also depend on where the shoes will be used. For example for those who run on trails, trail running shoes should be purchased which offer better traction.

Aerobic shoes are important for those aerobics classes that are high or low-impact. Therefore, this type of shoe is light and flexible, providing support for lateral moves.

Brands of Training Shoes

There are many brands of training shoes. However, some are of better quality than others. Nike offers an extensive line of shoes that come in many sizes and colors. Nike also offers made to order shoes. With this program, purchasers may customize a shoe to fit not only the feet but also their personality. Parts of the shoe can be any color that the purchaser would like, making the shoes unique.

Adidas is also another well-known brand of training shoes and offers a breadth of training shoes. One pair of training shoes are the Adipure shoes which are shaped like booties for a sock-like fit. Adidas not only offers men and women’s shoes but also training shoes for children, making them a very popular brand of shoes.

Reebok is another manufacturer of training shoes that is very well-recognized and has a wide selection of shoes to choose from. YourFlex Trainette is a type of training shoes that offers great support but is also lightweight. Reebok’s selection of training shoes includes many different types, sizes and colors which are available to everyone.

Price of Training Shoes

Good quality training shoes can be fairly expensive. However, the benefits are worth the money. Also, shoes bought at a specialty athletic shoe store may be more expensive than in regular sporting goods stores. At a specialty shoe store, they will take the time to measure feet and ensure that the shoe is the correct fit. For this service, typically the shoes are more expensive. It’s not common for their shoes go on sale.