Sport Watches and Timers

sportwatchesandtimersSport watches and timers can be a very necessary piece of equipment for those who are serious about fitness or sport training. Not only does a sports watch keep track of the time, most can also calculate speed and distance. There are many other features that separate one sports watch or timer from the next.

Types of Sport Watches & Timers

Sport watches and timers can be found in abundance, however their features will vary significantly. A sport watch typically combines a stopwatch, alarm as well as a classic wristwatch into one watch. They are often water-resistant and shock-resistant. A sport watch is made of plastic or rubber and even though once only manufactured in black, can now come in any color. Usually the time and date on a sports watch is in digital LCD and will have different mode buttons.

Thanks to modern day technology, sport watches can have quite an impact on training. Some features that are commonly found in sport watches and timers include: water resistance, GPS capabilities, calculation of speed and distance, cycling data capabilities and stopwatch capabilities. Another key feature most sport watches have is a chronometer, making it easy to switch into stopwatch mode. Some stopwatch functions save times to memory, allowing the user to keep track of progress. A lot of these features are important to triathletes, especially those watches that are shock and water-resistant.

Brands of Sport Watches & Timers

Choosing a brand of sport watches and timers often depends on the features needed as well as the sport in which the watch will be used. As there are so many different kinds of sports watches, it is important to consider all the features necessary before selecting a brand. Timex has a great selection of sports watches and timers. Their Ironman watch is a best-seller with features such as easy-to-read and customizable display, water resistance and enhanced battery life. Some Ironman watches have dedicated sports systems.

Casio offers both men’s and women’s sport watches. One of their best-selling models uses a self-charging solar power system. It features 5 different alarms, a stopwatch and dual countdown timers for interval training. This analog/digital combination comes with a green back with a black and orange face, giving it a sporty look.

Nike makes a wide selection of sports watches. One of their newest models is the Nike+SportWatch GPS. This sports watch is powered by TomTom and offers GPS tracking. This watch has a customized display, has indoor tracking capabilities and is great for any training environment.

Price of Sport Watches & Timers

Sport watches can be fairly inexpensive for basic models that have simple features such as timer capabilities, a display that gives the time and date and so on. These watches may start around $25 or $30. As the number of features increase and the features become more technologically advanced, the price of the watch increases. An expensive sports watch with all the bells and whistles can cost $100 or more. The brand of the watch also plays a role in the pricing. Watches made by well-known watch and sports companies, such as Nike, will be more expensive.