Joint Braces and Rehab Equipment

jointbracesJoint braces and rehabilitation equipment are sometimes necessary pieces of equipment for those in training, especially those who are serious about training. Joint braces may be used to decrease pain in joints, may provide assistance when training and provide support to unstable joints. Rehabilitation equipment refers to a wide range of equipment that includes specialty products for those with injuries.

Types of Joint Braces & Rehab Equipment

There are many kinds of joint braces for different parts of the body. Many people suffer from low back pain and oftentimes a back brace may help relieve some pain and provide support, especially when training. A knee brace is another common type of joint brace. Knee braces come in a variety of designs and are constructed with a combination of different materials, including rubber, plastic and foam.

Rehab equipment encompasses a wide variety of equipment including: orthopedic braces and splints, exercise bands, hand exercise balls, modified fitness equipment and so on. There are many types of exercise equipment that can be modified into rehab equipment for people with injuries. One such type of equipment is a treadmill. These specialized treadmills have different air pressure technology that provides weight-bearing therapy while still promoting normal gait patterns.

There are also rehab therapy kits that include exercises for rehabilitating different parts of the body. For example, a shoulder therapy kit which helps strengthen shoulders with exercise or a knee therapy kit which includes equipment for knee strengthening exercises.

Brands of Joint Braces & Rehab Equipment

As there are many types of rehab equipment, there are also many brands of braces and equipment. It can be difficult at times to find these products for the average consumer however doctors and trainers may be the best resources.

Futuro offers a wide selection of supports for all parts of the body: knee, hand and wrist, ankle, elbow, back and abdomen. Their line includes supports, braces as well as compression stockings that were designed by a team of specialists. 

Cardon Rehab offers an extensive line of therapeutic and rehab exercise equipment. One such line is the Pulley Systems and Accessories. This line offers an opportunity to design one’s own exercise system depending on the individual’s needs. Cardon Rehab also has treatment tables and adjustable benches as well as many other products that are for hospitals.

DonJoy is a manufacturer of supports and braces. They offer fracture braces, walkers, rehab equipment as well as different therapy products. One of DonJoy’s known braces is a knee brace that is ultra-light. This brace is great for those with arthritis and allows people to move more freely than other braces.

Prices of Joint Braces & Rehab Equipment

The price of joint braces and rehabilitation equipment can vary drastically considering that the selection of the equipment varies so greatly. Joint braces can range from just under $50 up to several hundreds of dollars. The price of these braces varies depending on the part of the anatomy the braces are for. Large back braces are more expensive that an ankle or knee brace.

The price of rehabilitation equipment is very much dependent on what type of equipment it is. Rehab equipment such as walkers can run well into hundreds of dollars to a thousand, depending on the feature it offers. Exercise systems such as pulleys can be much for expensive and modified gyms can cost many thousands of dollars.