Gym Bags & Accessories

gymbagThere are many different gym bags and accessories. They vary in what equipment and apparel they are made to carry, their features, the durability, as well as cost. They are made with different materials and include a variety of features depending on the purpose of the bag.

Types of Gym Bags and Accessories

There are many, many different types of gym bags available. Some types of gym bags include: duffle bags, backpacks, sack packs, shoe bags, ball bags, dance bags, yoga bags, training slings, racquet bags, wheel bags and messenger bags. Each type of gym bags has a different purpose although some are multi-purpose bags. Each has its own features and benefits.

Duffle bags can carry many different workout items and are the most popular of all gym bags. They come in various sizes including small, medium and large. Duffle bags typically have a shoulder strap plus haul handles.

An increasingly popular type of gym bag is a yoga/Pilates bag. These bags can carry a few different items, especially in the pockets but are specifically designed for carrying yoga mats. There are many different styles including those with duffle bag-style where the yoga mat rests on top to a string enclosure top that allows the mat to slide in.

Regardless of the type of gym bag, there are certain features that are fairly standard. These features include compartments to carry cell phones, water bottles, ipods and other common items. There are different gym bags for men and women, which may vary slightly in features but they most differ in style, color and size.

Brands of Gym Bags and Accessories

There is an abundance of brands of gym bags and accessories. Some brands are better known for quality and durability. Lululemon is one brand that is well known for its quality of fitness accessories. They offer a few different types of bags. One bag is the Om Daily Duffle, which is a yoga bag. However it borders on being a duffle bag as well. It can fit many items such as a yoga mat, change of clothes, etc. However it is not considered a large bag. The “Method Bag” has separate pockets for phones, tablets, socks, etc so it’s easy to find items.

Under Armor makes many different kinds of gym bags and accessories, including duffle bags, sack packs, backpacks and shoe bags. They offer bags in various sizes and colors. Under Armor specializes in team bags so many of their bags offer features that would be beneficial to athletes. Most of the bags include many different compartments for odds and ends and equipment. They also are highly durable.

Adidas offers a great selection of gym bags and accessories for fitness. They even offer carry-ons for those would travel but still need to bring fitness accessories. They have different lines of bags with one specifically catering to fashionable women.

Price of Gym Bags and Accessories

Gym bags are relatively inexpensive accessories. For people who work out at a gym or for those who play sports, gym bags are a necessity. Some bags start fairly cheap, around $20 but can increase to a few hundred dollars for more expensive bags. Usually the gym bags that are more expensive are more specialized and have different features for different purposes. Another consideration for the cost of gym bags is durability. Those bags made from less durable material may not last as long however they will be cheaper in price.