Fitness Balls

fitnessballsFitness balls are commonly used in both fitness clubs as well as home gyms. These balls use instability to force the user to keep balanced. This motion, usually using the core, strengthens the muscles that are doing the balancing. Many different people use exercise balls including athletes, older people and pregnant women Different exercises can be performed depending on your fitness goals.

Types of Fitness Balls

As there are different fitness goals people would like to achieve, there are different types of fitness balls to help achieve these goals. Fitness balls vary in size, usually between 14 to 34 inches in diameter. They are typically made from soft elastic although various other materials may also be used in the construction, depending on the type of ball. Some exercise balls are burst-resistant that can hold an extra large capacity and can stand up to harsh treatment.

Swissballs are large fitness balls specifically designed for Pilates exercises. They can also be incorporated in yoga sequences and general fitness activities including stretching. These balls may also be used for rehabilitation purposes as they are great for building up core muscles.

Medicine balls are weighted balls that are much smaller than inflated exercise balls. These balls are great for rehabilitation and strength training purposes. Weights of medicine balls usually range between 2 and 25 lbs. Medicine balls are excellent tools to improve the strength of abdominal and back muscles.

Brands of Fitness Balls

There are many manufacturers of fitness balls, with some brands being more popular and well-known for quality than others. Gaiam is one such manufacturer. Gaiam offers a line of balance balls that improves posture, strengthens the core muscles and stacks the spine aiding in a healthier back. These balls can be bought separately or as a kit. Kits include videos, exercise suggestions as well as some have resistance bands and pump.

Ball Dynamics created a line of various types of exercise balls called the Fitball. They offer exercise balls, sport soft edition balls, sport firm edition balls and therapy balls. The Gymnastik ball is also a part of this line. Many of their exercise balls are anti-burst which is great for both fitness blub and home gym use.

Duraball manufacturers three different lines of exercise balls. Their Pro line is excellent for exercise, rehabilitation and strength training. Their Max line offers 2 different sizes of exercise balls. And their Sensaball line is designed to improve circulation and ease back pain. This line also offers smaller balls which can be used as a stool for tired feet.

Price of Fitness Balls

Fitness balls are inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment to own. They cost very little but they can have huge fitness benefits when used properly. Considering the cheap price, many home gyms and fitness clubs have them. Swissballs may be packaged separately or may come with other pieces of fitness equipment like resistance bands and may even include an exercise video or exercise chart. These Swissball packages are more expensive than just a basic Swissball. Medicine balls are also fairly inexpensive, typically increasing in cost as the weight of the ball increases. These balls sometimes come with instructional videos, which may increase the cost.