Arm / Ankle Weights

armweightsArm and ankle weights add extra resistance to the movement of arms and legs, giving the body a more complete workout. These types of weights are usually used when doing a cardiovascular workout or for strength training exercises. The user can gradually increase the weight as desired and as they do not require a grip, they can be used by many people who are in rehabilitation from accidents, illnesses and so on.

Types of Arm/Ankle Weights

Arm weights are typically strapped onto the wrist and are alternatives to using dumbbells. Arm weights add resistance to the movement of the arms. They can be quite beneficial to the user as they do not require a grip or wrist extension which can help many people recovering from injuries. Arm weights come in varying weights but are mostly between 2 and 5 lbs.

Ankle weights are quite similar to arm weights in their use and design and can be used in many different activities. Unfortunately, some of these types of weights can be bulky and hard to walk without having the weights rub together. Some users prefer to strap the ankle weight higher on the leg, perhaps above the ankle. These weights can be used when walking, running or perhaps when doing other strength training exercises. For example, when doing pull-ups or dips, some people may choose to add ankle weights to further increase the amount of resistance. Swimming is another type of exercise where ankle weights may be used.

Brands of Arm/Ankle Weights

Nike , Valeo and Weider are three well-known brands of arm and ankle weights. There are many other varieties of arm and ankle weights however many are not well-known brands. Nike is a well-recognized manufacturer of fitness equipment. Nike makes both wrist and ankle weights in various weights. One style Nike offers in wrist weights is a design in which there is a hole for the thumb as well as the part that wraps around the wrist.

Weider is also very well-known for fitness equipment and also manufactures arm and ankle weights.Weider arm and ankle weights vary in weight, with arm weights starting at 1 lb and the ankle weights starting at 2 lbs. They are made of neoprene fabric and have Velcro straps to adjust to the size of the wrist or ankle.

Valeo also has a few selections of arm and ankle weights. Valeo also makes an arm/ankle combination weight that is adjustable – the user can add and remove weights to achieve the desired weight. The weight begins at 2lbs and increases to 10 lbs.

Price of Arm/Ankle Weights

Arm and ankle weights are fairly inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment. For those types of arm and ankle weights that are adjustable by removing the weights, the price is usually fixed depending on how much weight is included. Typically due to the convenience, these arm and ankle weights cost a little extra. For individual weights, such as 2 lb wrist weights, the cost usually increases as the weight size increases. Depending on the brand and quality of the weight, these two factors may also cause an increase in price. All factors considered, one can expect to pay about $20 for a pair of 2.5 lb wrist weights.